Let me lay it out for you right nice

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Okay, here’s my stab at a Sex and the City-style blog. (To clarify, this is not a style blog.)  a

Ways in which this blog will differ from Carrie’s column in SATC: 

I will talk a lot less about relationships. This isn’t because I disapprove of Carrie’s column topics. Most of the time they satisfy me the way a less than average cup of coffee satisfies me on a horrible and tiring day. However, I have an incredibly boring love life and, even if I were to talk about it, I’m not sure I could write anything better than, “How can you forgive if you can never really forget?” Wait, did I say better? I meant bullshit. 

I will never smoke cigarettes while writing this blog. Carrie might have made it look glamorous as she finished her column, smoking cigarettes in the middle of her apartment during a heat wave, but I hate cigarettes. If the smell weren’t bad enough, then the commercials in which the teenage girl has to rip part of her face off in order to pay for a pack of cigarettes would do it. 

My photo will never appear on a New York City bus. I’m not comfortable with my image so publicly displayed. The best part of this blog is that I could actually be Emma Stone disguised as a girl named Amy Biggart, and you would have no idea. I’m not saying I’m Emma Stone, but I’m also not not saying that.  a

Ways in which this blog will be similar to Carrie’s column in SATC: 

I will talk about my life. I thought about writing a blog about current events or cultural activities around Boston, but frankly, I find myself more interesting. At the very least, you should always find yourself interesting. If you don’t, change that.  

I will probably reword famous sayings in an attempt to seem current and relatable to your everyday woman (or man, if there are any men that made it past my initial reference to Sex and the City.) Example, “They say ‘love don’t cost a thing,’ but does love actually cost everything?” That’s just one example; the possibilities are limitless. 

Like Carrie, I will also be writing this on a computer. Although, almost 20 years later, I have to say the technology I’m using is a little more advanced than Carrie’s black, chunky laptop. 


So here goes. If I’m lucky, HBO will decide my blog and fabulous life warrant a television show. Picture this: Awkward and the City. It’s a story about one girl tripping through life in the big city. If I’m unlucky I will return to my acting career for which I have received many prestigious award nominations (remember, I’m secretly Emma Stone).  Either way, let’s find out.