What You Missed on This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor: ‘In it to Twin it’

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Oh my God, we’re back again. Brothers, sisters, everybody sing. Gonna bring the flavor, show you how. Gotta question for you better answer now, yeah.

Here goes nothing:

Senior Spring as Told Through GIFs

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You start the semester all like: 



What You Missed on This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor: I’m Insecure About My Toes

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The show opens on Chris Harrison arriving at the house to talk the girls through the past two weeks. You can always count on Chris Harrison to come out of hiding just in time to give horrible advice. He arrives with the date card and the first individual date goes to Lauren B., the flight attendant. In a clever (or not so clever) clue on her date card, it says “the sky is the limit.” Wow these producers are so smart.

What You Missed on This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor: You Smell Like Sweet and Sour Chicken

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It’s all coming up tonight on The Bachelor

Did you know that Ben is “the greatest bachelor on the planet” and “to the T the perfect man?” After 30 seconds of this week’s episode, I learned both of those things. 

I Watched Making a Murderer and I’m Outraged, a Novel by Everyone in America


Making a Murderer is a spectacular example of the power of television to elicit thought provoking and stimulating conversations. Because beyond just the debate over whether or not Dean or Jerry is “your boo” (Dean is mine), even more important debates are happening amongst our communities, friends, and families.

For those of you who haven’t watched the documentary series released on Netflix nearly a month ago, first of all I need to ask, “Why haven’t you?” I’ll lend you my Netflix username and password. (Email: amybiggart@…. wait a second. I probably shouldn’t give this out online.) If you haven’t watched the series, you should stop whatever you are doing right now and watch it. I’ll give you a minute (or more accurately 11 hours).

My resolution is to steal other people’s resolutions

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Last night, while I was attempting to conquer the Kamchatka territory in the board game Risk, I asked my friends what resolutions they had for 2016. (Yes, I was playing Risk on New Year’s Eve, what of it?) I had been wracking my brain for a little while hoping to come up with some resolutions for the upcoming year, but the only one I had come up with so far was “Conquer North America.” And that was a very Risk-specific goal and probably wouldn’t be very realistic outside of the Risk-world.