Things Overheard in My House During the NBA Finals


Now that the NBA finals are over, it is finally safe to post this list. Truthfully, I overheard all of the following phrases in my house this past month.

Where swear words were used, I placed the word dandelion.

“Get up you pansy dandelion.”

“TAKE A TIME OUT, settle down your guys.”

“God dandelion, I could coach better than you could.”

“Oh dandelion, slow down, TAKE YOUR TIME.”

“Why would you do that? You are an IDIOT!”

“Andre I-guo-da-la, Andre I-guo-da-la.”

“GET UP! You are going to get up and shoot your free throws and you are going to be fine.”

To the sports’ announcer: “You know what? I hate you… but I would say the same thing.”

“That’s what I hate about him. He goes around chewing that thing (his mouthguard) like a punk.”

“They think they are such hot dandelions, and I think anyone could have done what they did.”

Sports Announcer: “The best finish in the team’s history.”

Family Member: “BECAUSE THEY WERE HEALTHY! They had no injuries!”

Do we take the NBA finals too seriously? Very well then, we take the NBA finals too seriously. But seriously, it will be nice to have a break for the next year. 


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