Life Update Pt. I: Mozzarella Sticks and Good News

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Hey friends, it’s been a while. I don’t write much anymore, which is on me. But, at the request of my sister, I’m back at my metaphorical piece of notepaper ready to talk. 

Things are happening in my life. I think. Well, technically things are happening to everyone every day. But let me correct myself. Good things are happening in my life. I mean, right now, I’m halfway into an order of mozzarella sticks, and this might be the peak happiness a person can feel.

Important question for you, reader: When I order an individual size cheese pizza and an order of mozzarella sticks, the pizza delivery guy can tell it’s all for one person, right? 

Beyond just the mozzarella sticks, other good things are happening in my life. I think. I’ll have a better update for you all in about a week, but I decided to write something now so that when you read again in a week it won’t seem like I’m coming out of the blue only talking to you all because good things are happening in my life.

I mean the thing I hate most about the internet is how much bandwidth you have to have to congratulate all of the people on all of the accomplishments they are shoving into their Facebook status box. Graduate school, new boyfriend/girlfriend, engagements, trips to Los Angeles (is everyone migrating to Los Angeles??). It’s exhausting.

I’m riding a post-Girl-Boss-binge/pizza-induced high that is making me feel like everything I write is going to sound perfect and be relevant to your life as well, which logistically even I know isn’t true.

So I apologize if this blog post seems like one long run-on sentence that has little substance. Next time I’ll give you the specifics, beyond just my mozzarella stick order. In the meanwhile… thank you and goodnight.*

*That sign off was meant to sound more dramatic, like the way the lead singer of a band would shout, “THANK YOUUUUUU… AND GOOOOODNIGHT,” right before the drummer throws his sticks in the air and they all storm off stage. Wait do musicians even do that anymore? Okay goodbye for real, I’ll talk to you soon. 


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