Emptying My Twitter Drafts Part II

#life, humor

It’s been a while and my Twitter drafts folder is starting to become as cluttered at the Forever21 sale section. I’ll let you decide if these tweets are more or less valuable than the black unitard that says “UNAVAILABLE” across the chest that I saw in the Forever21 sale section last night.   

On Adulthood:Artboard 18artboard-8.jpgArtboard 16On Politics: Artboard 6Artboard 7Artboard 17On Famous People:Artboard 20Artboard 21

But my Grandpa’s dentist is Scooter Braun’s father, so maybe they have a chance? 

Artboard 23

Is Tim Allen famous? Y/N?

On Love: screen-shot-2017-06-25-at-4-41-07-pm.png

Beating them away with a stick after that one. 


Cues up Santana’s “Smooth” 

Artboard 15

Do people get married for other reasons? 

And Other Passing Thoughts: 

Artboard 5

Seriously pray I don’t get pregnant soon. 


Cha-cha real smooth now. 


Wow, that trip you took to the Adirondacks in 2004 looked fun. 

Artboard 25

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