What You Missed On The Bachelor: Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Corinne. All the Greats.

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We have a new president and yet we’re still watching the same drama on The Bachelor. How many weeks in a row can Corinne behave like a child before she gets the boot? Let’s find out. 

When we left off, Vanessa and Nick were in a heated conversation about Corinne. Vanessa calls him on HIS SHIT, and has a real take-it-or-leave-it attitude which I really admire. Nick leaves the mansion for a few hours, giving the girls plenty of time to confront Corinne before they have to start putting their faces on for the rose ceremony. 


What You Missed on This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor: Cue the Tears

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Just so that everyone knows how ’round the bend I have gone, I am officially dreaming about The Bachelor. I had a dream Sunday night about this week’s episode. (For those who are deeply curious, in my dream they were all on a group date at this haunted hotel and Amanda wasn’t there! It was just Caila, JoJo, Lauren B., and Ben. What does this mean? I’ll consult my dream journal and get back to you.)

So You Agree, You Think You’re A Really Good Person?

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So it’s been a while. Like a long time. So long a time that any of you that look at this blog regularly (if there are any of you that do that) may have been concerned that I was in a terrible accident that caused me to lose both my hands and that I am no longer able to type. Or maybe you thought I spilt a whole cup of coffee onto my computer and that it has been at the Apple store for the past month. But rest easy, I still have both hands and the tragic Coffee/Computer Debacle of 2014 (as I have named it) was a one time incident.